Show Management

Show Checklist

Please click above for a list of all requirements and a timeline for those requirements for putting on a show. 

List of Judges

Here you will find a list of all WPCSA carded Judges.  You must list your judges on your Show Application when it is submitted.  If you are using a Guest Judge for a Bronze Show they must submit a Judge’s Application as a Guest Judge by the 90 day deadline prior to the show.

List of Technical Delegates

Here you will find a list of all WPCSA sanctioned TD’s .  If you show is a Regional Show you are required to have a TD.  They are optional for all other shows, but always advisable.  A TD takes the place of a Rules Commission. 

Show Sanctioning Form

This form allows you to apply for your show.  Remember this form must be submitted no less than 90 days prior to the first day of the show.  If submitted between 90 and 60 days prior to the show, triple fees will apply.  Form may NOT be submitted less than 60 days prior to the show date.

Regional Show Sanctioning Form

This form allows you to apply for your  Regional show.  Please take care to read over the application to make sure you are prepared to meet all the Regional Show requirements.  

Class List Upload

Click above to upload your class list.  Remember to include money distributions in the class list.  The class list is due at least 90 days prior to the show and is typically submitted with the Show Application. 

Prize List Requirements 

Click above for the complete list of prize list / premium requirements.  Please go over the list carefully and make sure your prize list / premium includes all requirements.    

Class Specs

Click above for a list of the current WPCSA class specs.  The specs for each class / division offered in your show must be listed in your premium.  

Prize List / Premium Upload

Click above to upload your prize list / premium for WPCSA approval.  Remember to go through the prize list requirements and proof your document before submission.  Submission must be made at least 60 days prior to the show date to avoid fines.

Insurance Proof Upload

Click above to submit a copy of your proof of insurance for your show.  Remember if insurance certificates are not received within 30 days of the show, the sanctioning will be removed. The WPCSA needs to be named as an additionally insured. The minimum amount of $1,000,000 coverage is required.

Measurement Form 

Remember to have copies of measurement forms available for the show.  It is advisable to fill in the forms prior to the show for all ponies you know need to be measured.  Remember a copy of the form must be given to the owner / agent and a copy must be submitted to WPCSA with the results submission after the show is complete.  

Results Verification 

Step 1 after your show is complete is to verify your results before submission.  You must submit your CORRECT results within 14 days of your show.  

Results Submission 

Click above to submit your already verified results.  Remember your results and all other Post Show submissions MUST be made by 14 days after your show.  The earlier you submit your results the sooner points will be posted.  We thank you for helping WPCSA be more up to date with points by submitting results for show in a timely and accurate manner. 

Master Entry List 

You must submit a master list of WPCSA Entries that were entered in your show.  Click above to submit your list.

Measurement Form 

Click above to submit all measurement forms from your show.

Junior Rider Report

Click above to submit your Junior Rider report. 

Lead-Line & Junior Handler Report

You must submit a Lead-Line and Junior Handler Report listing all Junior exhibitors that compete in Lead-Line and Jr. Handler.  Click above to submit your list.

Show Secretary’s Report 

Please click above to submit your show Secretary’s report.

Evaluation of Judge 

Remember you must submit an evaluation of every judge that officiates at your show.  Click above to compete that evaluation. 

Putting on a Judge’s Clinic

WPCSA is always in need of new judges and the best way to help build that list is to have extra Judge Clinics available across the country.  Click above to learn how to put in a judge clinic.