Transfer of Ownership

To complete a transfer of ownership, you must submit the original certificate of registration to the national office along with this printed form.  

If the original certificate of registration has been lost or destroyed, a duplicate authorization form will also need to be signed by the last recorded owner.  

Rules and Fees

1. An application for transfer shall be correctly completed and submitted to the WPCSA with the original certificate of registration and appropriate fee upon every change of ownership of the registered Welsh Pony or Cob.
2. The transfer application must bear the signature of the last recorded owner. In cases where the animal is owned jointly by 2 or more persons, each person must sign the transfer form. Only one signature is required when the last recorded ownership is written as “or”, and /or” or when the animal is owned by an individual.
3. Transfers of a mare exposed to a stallion prior to the date of sale should be accompanied by a Breeding Certificate required for subsequent registration of the foal.
4. The member fee applies if either party in the transaction is a member of the Welsh Pony and Cob Society of America, Inc.
Transfer w/in 3 mos. of date of sale ………………$25/Member  $50/Non-Member
After 3 months of date of sale…………………….$35/Member   $70/Non-Member
5. Whenever legal title of a registered animal passes to another person by reason of death of the recorded owner, foreclosure of any lien, by any order or decree of court, or otherwise by operation of law, the WPCSA may transfer the registration to the new owner:
a. Upon court order of competent jurisdiction or other satisfactory proof of authority for the transfer.
b. Upon payment of the transfer fee.
c. Upon satisfaction of other requirements as may be required by the Board of Directors.
6. All agreements, guarantees and representations are strictly between the buyer and seller. The WPCSA strongly recommends the use of breeding contracts and sales agreements.
To record a transfer this form must be completed and the Original Certificate of Registration must be mailed to the National Office.