Name Change

We offer two ways to submit WPCSA forms.  You may either print a hard copy and snail mail by choosing the “print and mail form” button or use the on-line form below to submit your form.  If payment is required the on-line form allows for payment with a credit card.  If you choose this option, please make sure you receive a confirmation of receipt email.

On-Line Form

To complete a change of registered name, you must submit the original certificate of registration to the national office.


A) has been recorded with USEF for high score awards
B) has been used for breeding
C) has been published in stud book
D) has had a previous name change
E) was imported and/or registered with a foreign society

Changes involving a registered prefix can only be made with the written permission of the owner of the prefix.

    If YES, written permission of Prefix owner must either be uploaded in this form or be mailed to WPCSA.
  • Upload written permission signed by Prefix owner. You can also have the Prefix owner mail the permission to the National Office.
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