Committee List

2017 Committee Members

Please email Lisa Landis to be considered for a position on one of the below committees:


Purpose:  To coordinate with the American National Show Management and assist with providing extras to support the show and obtain corporate sponsorships.  Projects to include: raffles, baskets, Facebook, press releases and soliciting corporate sponsorships.  The time commitment varies from extensive involvement throughout the year to jobs limited to the week of the Show.  Busiest time is January through March (corporate sponsorships) and from late summer until the show.  Communication conducted via email and telephone.

Chaired by:  Megan Burtness, Patricia Cochran, Martha Stover

Working Group:  Margaret Almond, Melanie Bell, Sally Ross Davis, Pam Johnson, Pat Kultgen, Connie Moore, Ozzy Picton and Winona Myers


Purpose:  Research AGM sites, liaison with hotel and area attractions/services, develop seminars and programs that are educational and fun.  The time commitment varies from extensive involvement throughout the year to jobs limited to the week of the Convention.  Communication conducted via email and telephone.

Chaired by:  Martha Stover & Marsha Himler

Working Group:  Hetty Abeles, Megan Burtness, Patricia Cochran, Sally Ross Davis, Brenda Heberling, Tracy Kujawa, Sally Steinmetz and Jackie Verkuyl


Purpose:  Review proposed By-Law Amendments and advise Board of Directors.  The time commitment is dependent upon the number of proposed amendments received.  Communication is via email and possibly teleconference.

Chaired by:  Marsha Himler & Tiz Benedict

Working Group:  Margaret Blackert, Patricia Cochran, Denise Dougherty, Jay Hubert, Elizabeth Lemke, Beth Lynch, David Maurer, Robin Nowak, Laurence Roberts, Sabra Schiller and Cherry Wilson.


Purpose:  To review charges of misconduct and make recommendations for resolution or presentation to a Hearing Committee.  This Committee is made up of Directors only.  Should a Hearing Committee be required, it would be appointed on a case-by-case basis.

Working Group:  The WPCSA Board of Directors


Purpose:  Keep Society fiscally sound and conservative.  Review monthly financial statements.  Prepare reports for the Board of Directors and membership.  Formulate budget to address needs of the committees and office.  Research and implement ongoing fundraising and sponsorship ideas.  Time commitment is extensive for Chairmen.  Working group members should expect weekly activity. We would like to expand with two additional subcommittees, fundraising and membership but need additional volunteers.  Communication is via email, telephone and meeting at Convention.

Chaired by:  Jackie Verkuyl & Gail Thomson

Working Group:  Patricia Cochran & Sally Ross Davis


Purpose:  To improve the substance and timeliness of the publications by soliciting ads (preferably corporate to ease burden of WPCSA membership), solicit and/or write articles, and proofreading.  Time commitment required is extensive.  Communication is via email, telephone and, if necessary, meeting at the Convention.

Chaired by:  Megan Burtness for Journal & Margaret Almond for Review

Working Group:  Megan Burtness, Patricia Cochran, Lois Ferson, Samantha Johnson, Kathryn Southard, Gail Thomson and Janice Thompson


Purpose: Educate, license and discipline judges and judge candidates.  Committee to facilitate Judges’ Clinic at Convention and encourage regional clinics.  Interviews are conducted with potential candidates.  Confidentiality is a must.  Time commitment varies.  Communication is via email and meeting at the Annual Convention and possible regionally for interviews.

Chaired by:  Margaret Almond & Tiz Benedict

Working Group:  John Almond, Margaret Blackert, Megan Burtness, Diana Cappellanti, Patricia Cochran, Sandy Costanzo-O’Brien, Laura San Diego, Tracy Dopko, Heather Gaffer-McKereghan, Louise Gill, Brenda Heberling, Marsha Himler, Jay Hubert, Donna Ley, Kathleen Lindholm, Carrie MacWhorter, Sabra Schiller, Janis Shaneberger, Suzan Stevens, Gerald Verkuyl, Jackie Verkuyl, Joanna Wilburn, and Cherry Wilson.


Purpose:  The promotion and marketing of the breed and the Society through various forms including co-op ads, press releases and display ads.  Time commitment varies from project to project.  Communication is via email, telephone and, if necessary, Committee meeting at Annual Convention.

Chaired by:  Martha Stover & Patricia Cochran

Working Group:  Denise Dougherty


Purpose:  To review nomination forms submitted by candidates wishing to run for the WPCSA Board of Directors.  In November, all nomination forms will be sent to the Committee members.  The Chairman will contact each Committee member for their vote for four of those submitted.  The Chairman will then tabulate the votes and the four with the highest number will be selected as the recommended slate.  All candidates who submit 15 signatures will appear on the ballot.  Time commitment is only for a short time in November.  Communication is via email or telephone.

Chaired by:  Margaret Almond

Committee:  Pam Christensen, Connie Moore, Diane Stewart, Joann Williams


Purpose:  To review applications received and make a recommendation to the Board of Trustees of the Welsh Pony & Cob Foundation.  Time commitment is limited and is only required in early February.  Communication is via email and telephone.

Chaired by:  Sabra Schiller & Tiz Benedict

Working Group:  Deborah Branson, Carolyn Corson, Debbie Elliott-Fisk, Miriam Williams-Gerdes.


Purpose:  To assist the office in determining each show’s compliance with the rules.  To educate show management and assist them to ensure compliance by approving and proofreading prize lists and other forms required.  To update forms and inform the shows of rule changes and class specifications.  To review evaluations of shows and work with management to avoid future issues should a problem arise.  Time commitment is extensive during the beginning of show season and required throughout the year.  Communication is via email.

Chaired by:  Sabra Schiller

Working Group:  Donna Ley, David Maurer, Robin Nowak, Bonnie Six


Purpose:  To review and research submitted show rule changes and submit recommendations to the Board of Directors.  To periodically review the show rulebook to ensure that it is current.  Time commitment is mainly before Board of Directors meetings and the Annual Convention.  Communication is via email and committee meeting at the Annual Convention.

Chaired by:  Sally Steinmetz & Jackie Verkuyl

Working Group:  John Almond, Margaret Almond, Tiz Benedict, Kim Boyd, Deb Branson, Megan Burtness, Denise Dougherty, Louise Gill, Brenda Heberling, Marsha Himler, Jay Hubert, Samantha Johnson, Barbara Lender, Donna Ley, Kathleen Lindholm, Carrie MacWhorter, Carol Maurer,  Robin Nowak, Laura San Diego, Sabra Schiller, Amy Schwartz, Lela Shaneberger, Suzan Stevens, Gail Thomson and Miriam Williams-Gerdes,


Purpose:  To promote and tabulate the results of the Open Division Awards Program.  To periodically review the requirements to ensure they are current.  Time commitment is throughout the year, especially near the end of the competition year.  Communication is via email.

Chaired by:  Marsha Himler

Working Group:  JoAnn Williams


Purpose:  To proofread stud books and approve submitted photographs.  Time commitment is extensive to proofread hundreds of pages of stud book entries. Communication is via email and meeting as needed.

Chaired by:  Hetty Abeles & Tiz Benedict

Working Group: Margaret Almond, Margaret Blackert, Judith Ann Hartman, Marsha Himler, Diane Isaacson, Samantha Johnson, Ruth Laufer, Darlene Mahlum, David Maurer, Connie Moore, Claudia Novak, Kathryn Southard, Susan Stepney and Gail Thomson.


Purpose:  To improve the substance and timeliness of the information on the website.  Time commitment required varies, but is more is extensive before and after the Board of Directors’ meetings and the Annual Convention.  Communication is via email.

Chaired by:  Megan Burtness & Sally Steinmetz

Working Group:  Kelli Broers, Tracy Dopko, Amy Walters


Purpose:  Commission members select the WOTY finalists from the nominations received.  They may also be asked to identify/recruit nominees if a minimum of five are not received.  The time commitment is fairly limited, with the majority of the work being done in November, via email and possibly one conference call.  Commission members also review the Hall of Fame nominees and select those nominees put forward for voting each year.

Chaired by:  Jackie Verkuyl & Gail Thomson

Working Group:  Elrita Annett, Deb Branson, Lois Ferson, Marsha Himler, Samantha Johnson, Darlene Mahlum, Sabra Schiller, Sally Steinmetz.


Purpose:  Develop youth program to increase youth participation.  Activities include youth incentive program, website page and youth activities at the annual convention.  Time commitment varies from project to project.  Communication is via email, telephone, and if necessary, Committee meeting at the Annual Convention.

Chaired by:  Megan Burtness

Working Group:  Sally Davidson, Sally Ross Davis, Heather Gaffer-McKereghan, Ozzy Picton, Winona Myers, Samantha Verkuyl, and Miriam Williams-Gerdes.


Purpose:  Apprise the Board of actions of other organizations and represent the WPCSA to the national organizations.

International Welsh Ambassador:  Gail Thomson

American Driving Society: Marsha Himler

US Para-Equestrian Association: Jay Hubert

US Pony Club:  Louise Gill

United States Equestrian Federation: Sally Steinmetz

National Dressage Pony Cup Alliance: Martha Stover, Lisa Seaburg

United States Dressage Federation: Joann Williams