Welsh of The Year

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New Submissions

Deadline for new Nominees is November 30 of each year.

The Welsh of the Year Award is designed to recognize those Welsh Ponies, Welsh Cobs, Half and Part bred Welsh that have made extraordinary accomplishments in the current year.

Regional organizations or individual members are encouraged to nominate any registered Welsh they feel has done something special in the current year.  Ponies/Cobs may be nominated for outstanding achievement in any equine discipline, so whether your nominee is showing in a specific discipline like hunters, dressage or combined driving, representing the Welsh breed internationally, or participating in a local handicapped riding program (or anything else that requires an equine) they can be nominated for this award!  Remember, the nominees for this award do not necessarily need to be show animals or even competition animals, they just need to do something meaningful.  To submit a nomination fill out the very simple nomination form and send it along with a photo to the WPCSA office by November 30.  Owners must be members of WPCSA at the time of nomination.

Welsh of the Year Nomination Submission

  • You may elect to type the accomplishments here or submit a (no more than 500 word) pdf or word document instead.