Junior Welsh Handler

High Hopes Prowler 2014 Welsh of the Year

The purpose of the Welsh Junior Handler Class is to introduce and encourage Juniors to participate in the breed ring to provide Juniors with an opportunity to learn, practice, and improve in all areas of handling skill and sportsmanship.  The Welsh Junior Handler Class shall be judged solely on the ability and skill of the Junior in handling their pony/cob/half-Welsh as in the breed ring. The show qualities of the pony/cob/half-Welsh shall not be considered, although cleanliness and grooming can be considered. The judge must excuse a handler and animal from the ring if, in his opinion, the handler cannot properly control the entry.

The actual routine of judging is to be consistent with the procedures utilized when judging standard halter classes.   Exhibitors must enter to the left so the handler does not obscure the judge’s view.  Animals may enter at a trot and will be called to be judged individually.  The Junior should be appropriately and conservatively dressed. The animal should be turned out for the breed ring. The judge shall evaluate the ability of the Junior to follow directions, use space wisely, and execute the requested patterns. Juniors should appear “ring wise,’’ be alert to the judging progression and be prepared for changes in the judging routine.

The judge shall evaluate the general conduct of Juniors in the ring.  Juniors should appear prepared, confident, businesslike and attentive. They should be courteous to both the judge and their fellow exhibitors. Juniors are expected to handle their animals without distracting the other competitors, and a Junior who crowds or disturbs other entries should be faulted.  Juniors should be alert to the needs of their animals, realizing that the welfare of their entry is important. Juniors are responsible for the control of their animals at all times. However, Juniors who exhibit impatience or heavy-handedness with their animals should be penalized.

Juniors will be judged on their ability to present their entries in the same way the pony/cob/half-Welsh is properly handled in the breed ring. Juniors will also be judged on their ability to make their individual entry look its best in both pose and motion. During all parts of the competition Juniors should handle their animals in a quiet, smooth, efficient manner. Juniors should strive to make the pony/cob/half-Welsh stand out as the most important part of the team effort. Junior handlers should keep their animal’s attention, move their animals without distracting or interfering with the judge’s view and be aware of what is going on in the ring.