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Email Kristy:

Kristy Wilkinson, born and raised in Albany, NY, has been involved with Welsh Ponies since she was seven years old. Kristy was an active youth member of WPCSA and strives to be even more active as an adult. In high school, Kristy built and managed the web page for Northeastern Welsh Pony Association for more than three years. In addition to having extensive show experience in the WPCSA in hand and performance rings, she has also excelled nationally with USDF and USEF. Outside of the horse world, Kristy is a graduate of Siena College (2016), earning a BA in Biology and a double minor in Philosophy and Spanish. Currently, she is a member of the class of 2020 at Albany Medical College studying to become a doctor. She enjoys doing community service, playing the alto saxophone and spending time with friends and family. She hopes to become a physician and continue breeding and showing Welsh.


Email Elrita:

Elrita Annett has over 45 years experience with horses and has personally ridden and shown different breeds and disciplines. She started her show career at Miles River Riding School with Mrs. Barner and Mrs. McNeil starting with Leadline, progressing to Short Stirrup, then Adult Hunt Seat Equitation and has shown in other disciplines since then. For many years, Elrita showed Class A Arabians with Double JJ Arabians. She has also trained in reining, cutting and roping plus obtained her FQHR judge’s card and has judged these events.. She has judged over 100 open and 4-H shows. There is a special place in her heart for the Welsh since she learned to ride on the Welsh ponies at Miles River. Elrita currently owns Section A and Section D Welsh ponies. She teaches riding lessons with her daughter, Mirina Brown, at their farm on their Welsh ponies. Locally, Elrita is on the 4-H Horse Advisory Board and is active in horse 4-H activities.

Email Deb:

I got into Welsh ponies shortly after retiring from the Navy.  As a result of cancer surgery on my leg, I could no longer ride or handle my large warmbloods in dressage and over fences competition.  By accident, I discovered the wonderful Welsh. Everything I learned from my military career flying helicopters translated well into driving ponies.  I have competed with my Welsh ponies driving them single, pair and four-in-hand in CDE, pleasure and Welsh shows.  For the past 10 years I’ve been breeding section A and B and 1/2 Welsh and presently stand one stallion, Bay Ridge Magnific Blue. I wanted to show my ponies and found there were no Welsh shows in North or South Carolina so, if you want something, do it yourself! Since 2008 I’ve managed from 2 to 6 shows per year in North Carolina. The Carolina Welsh Club which began with our first show in 2007, has gone from a handful of members to a healthy group.  In my daily life I am a college professor, the rest of the time I’m playing with my ponies on our NC farm with my husband of 37 years.

Email Lois:

I have had horses and ponies for over fifty years.  Growing up near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; I was active in a local foxhunt and also trail rode extensively.  After marrying Jim, we had Arabians and Quarter horses for many years, and eventually we moved to North Carolina in 1979.  We acquired our first Section B over 10 years ago, and since then we have been actively showing, breeding and thoroughly enjoying our ponies and the Welsh community.  In addition to the Section B ponies that Jim shows, I have a Section D mare that I show in dressage and at the local Welsh shows.   In my professional life I was the manager of technical publications and standards for an international technical society.  Although I still do some consulting work, my true passion is spending time with our ponies.  I especially enjoy working with the members of the South East region, our headquarters staff, and the many volunteer officers I have met since becoming a regional representative.

Email Reita:

Hello, I am Reita Gelander from Whiperwil Farm in west central Wisconsin. I had my first pony before I was 5 yrs old, an older grade gelding that came from the pony rings used at the fairs. I moved up to a grade quarter pony type mare and raised a few foals from her by a reg Morgan stallion. Next was a reg 3/4 Arab mare that I also raised a foal from, by a reg Arab stallion. I showed in the local county fair in 4-H, along with showing beef cattle and other craft/baking projects. After marriage to my husband Jim and the birth of our daughter Tasha, [her third birthday present was a bred grade Shetland mare] we started getting more into raising ponies. In 1999, a lady in our area had to sell a pony because of a house fire. In talking to her, we found out the mare was a Reg Sec A Welsh mare, 10 yrs old, but had not had anything ever done with her, she was just a pasture pet. After getting her to agree, we 

acquired Asgard Bronze Sand, and it began. To find out more about her, we contacted the Asgard farm, owned by the Lapicola sisters. They were so happy to know where she was and they ended up leasing her from us for a couple of years. I also ended up leasing, then buying from them the Sec B filly, Asgard Silver Harp, and so our life in showing the Welsh began. Our farm is now a family affair with all of us working with the ponies. Jim takes care of the farm and most of the hay hauling. Tasha and I do most of the showing and we all work on the training of the foals. I started driving about 7 years ago and love it. I show in pleasure, carriage and draft. I have even been know to ride in a class or two in the past. We raise Sec A, B, the occasional 1/2 Welsh, and possibly even a C foal now and then.


Email Jaci:

Hi! I am Jaci Baxter, a representative for the South Central Region. I have been involved with Welsh ponies for the last nine years, primarily breeding Welsh/Arabian crosses under the WHW prefix. I am heavily involved in the Red River Welsh Pony Association, mananging our Gold shows and assembling our region’s newsletter that I send out a few times a year. You can contact me at the above email address if you have news to share or want to be put on our mailing list to receive news!


Email Ozzy:

A brief personal information piece. My name is Ozzy Picton I am a Firefighter/EMT with the City of Russellville Arkansas. My wife Jaime and I have one son named Brysyn. We are all very involved in the South Central Region!  My formal introduction to the Welsh breed came with the meeting of Kathy Reese, founder of Smoke Tree Welsh Ponies, in 2009.  To say I was hooked on this amazing breed from that moment would be an understatement.  The union with Kathy Reese involved my wife, Jaime, and I taking over the breeding operation of Smoke Tree Welsh in 2013 after Kathy’s death.  Kathy offered incredible insight into the history of the breed, including the importance of bloodlines and extensive education on the Welsh breed standards so as to best groom us to follow in her footsteps.  Kathy Reese was also the founder of AARF (Arkansas Animal Rescue Foundation) a 501(c)3 non-profit, no-kill animal shelter.  We have the privilege of carrying on this legacy as well.  Since taking over the Smoke Tree

breeding program, we have been thrilled to incorporate the Welsh Cob and are looking forward to many more years with these amazing Ponies and Cobs.  In addition to managing the breeding program, my wife and I have been thrilled to also return Smoke Tree Welsh to the show ring on a National level.  Additionally, I have served on both the Show Committee, and more specifically, the WPCSA American National Show Committee successfully working closely with the Director that chairs this committee. I will serve as the Co American National show Superintendent, which I regard as a huge honor!  Over the last several years I have immersed myself in this wonderful Welsh family and have forged several lifelong friendships in the process.  The Welsh breed is a unique special breed with so many willing to offer guidance and knowledge, which should be archived and cherished.  The Welsh breed and association has given so much to our family.  It is my turn to give back.  I look forward to working with the members in the South Central Region as a Regional Representative. Please feel free to contact me with anything you believe I will be able to help you with.


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Email Debbie:

I am very happy to join Judy Hubert as one of the two WPCSA’s area representatives for the southwest region, which includes the states of Arizona, California, and Nevada. Like Judy, I too enjoyed the recent AGM in Orlando, and I was happy to be asked during the meeting to serve as one of the WPCSA area I have been involved with Welsh ponies since 1960 when I was a young child. I was a pony crazy kid who loved Welsh and Shetland ponies, and I had colts and geldings and was involved in 4-H. But, with school and family moves around California and our farm in Oregon, the ponies were gone eventually for the more urban southern California setting.  Then off to college and to become a UC Davis professor. When I reached the point where I was working up to 125 hours a week for the university (yes, this is true), I decided to make a change and get back into Welsh, as I knew caring for the ponies would keep me from working that many hours. In 1997, I purchased my favorite Welsh 

Mountain Pony Tri-Ef Elfin Heather (she is now 31), got involved with WPCAC and the WPCSA, and started my herd. In 1998, I purchased two beautiful Welsh Cob mares as well as two Chincoteague Pony weanlings (I work with the Chincoteague Ponies on Assateague Island, Virginia/Maryland), and my dream of owning a fine group of ponies took off. I acquired more ponies (especially section A), a stallion, attended many shows, did a bit of breeding with my Sea Star prefix, and became fully engaged in the Welsh, buying my own farm in 2003. I absolutely love our members, as the friendly people make our Welsh shows so enjoyable! I have been past secretary and president of WPCAC and I am currently a board  member, working on our newsletter, email communication, and publicity. I have managed shows and served as show secretary. I try to attend the WPCSA AGM every year, and I am currently a member of the scholarship committee, as well as involved with the section A and section D focus groups. I think the WPCSA is a fantastic organization that continues toget stronger and solidify our ties with other equine groups. I look forward to working with all of our members across the southwest region to maintain and improve WPCSA connections with our members. I believe that I know our members and the region well, and I look forward to helping you address your needs as a WPCSA member.


Email Judy:

My name is Judy Hubert, and we have been involved with the Welsh Ponies since “the beginning of time”. In 1972, Jay was asked to join the local club (WPAC), but in order to do so, he needed to own a pony – so we purchased Welmore Rebecca from Roger & Aileen VanCleve, and that was the beginning! To go back a bit farther, Jay has handicapped twin sisters, and one of them wanted a pony. After many years of begging, her family connected with Florence and Roy Stradan, where the first Welsh Pony for the Hubert family was found – Seren Elm. There have been many other ponies over the years. We did some breeding with some very old line ponies for several years, as well as showing. Jay decided years ago that if he had to haul ponies for his sister, he was going to “play” as well. He started with driving a Roadster pony, Stradan’s Country Boy, and after several years, moved on to the Combined Driving world. I, on the other hand, kept to the “business” end of things, volunteering

many ways for the WPCAC (we added the Cobs to the name of the club).  Shortly after acquiring the above mentioned ponies, Jay was voted in as President of the WPAC (Welsh Pony Association of CA), and we have been “involved” since that time. I took over the Welsh Newsletter, and for many years, was the editor.  This was during the “cut and paste” days. We became involved in the shows, ending up in the management end of the operation. It was during this time that Jackie started showing, beginning with Lead Line, showing a pony for the Stradan’s (Stradan’s Roxanne), and graduating to getting her own pony, Searle’s Starbright, purchased from Jill Whiting, who turned out to be a very good personal friend.  During this “era”, the WPCSA initiated the Regional Representative Program, and we worked with folks in the southern part of the state, to help encourage other Welsh Owners to participate in shows. Lew Kingston (deceased), and Ed Profio (deceased) coordinated groups from both the southern part of the state, as well as the mid-state (Santa Barbara) areas, and we had some great sessions. I believe it was from these efforts that CA became one of the most popular areas for shows – state-wide. Sadly, over the years, this program ceased for lack of effort/interest. It’s time to bring it back to life, and that’s what we are going to try to do.


Email Tracy:

My name is Tracy Dopko. My husband and I own and operate Daventry Equestrian, located in Darwell, Alberta, Canada. I have been a Life Member with the WPCSA for over 10 years and focus on breeding Section B, D & Half Welsh. We currently stand two WPCSA stallions and produce a few foals each year. I am also an Approved WPCSA and USEF Welsh Pony Judge and on various Welsh Committees with both organizations.